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   IndeView - Independent Presentation Viewer   





IndeView's idea: Forget about error-prone real-time rendering.

IndeView takes the fallible rendering process away from the presentation computer and lets you do it on your production machine.

You get "slides" in different resolutions, during presentation the matching size is determined automatically and the respective picture is shown.

results: Quality and Independence

Quality    IndeView shows brillant slides also on strange PCs of lower capacity.    Displaying pixel-exact bitmaps, instead of the native formats, allows for testing your presentation in different resolutions and avoids seeing totally unexpected effects when running a presentation on different kinds of hardware/software combinations.
Using complementary bitmaps in graduated resolution provides clean display at different screen resolution.
Having fonts embedded as integral parts of the bitmaps, all of your texts are exactly matching and cleanly rendered.
Independence   of the host computer's capabilities   Displaying bitmaps consumes less computing power and results in perfectly looking "slides" while you are completely independent from fonts installed on the computer system used for display.
  of the presentation program   You may use your prefered program to create your presentations, IndeView data are produced by one mouse click or by calling a shell script. At show time the presentation program is not needed.
  of your license model   IndeView is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, aka: GNU-LGPL, in revision 2.1, as of february 1999.
This special license grants you the right to use the IndeView modules also by those of your (Qt-)programs which are not free according to the GNU-GPL, but proprietary applications. [details...]

IndeView is the ideal tool for presentations to be burned on CD, for showing them on another PC (Beamer...) or sending them to remote viewers.



The IndeView project consists of two ( soon: three ) parts:

Viewer Application Platform-independent presentation viewer program,
may be started from CD without extra installation
(currently available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X,
  using the former IndeView may be run by Autostart
  if the user did not disable this for security reasons)
Editor (at the
development stage)
Fine-tune your presentation: change links,
specify slide groups / paths / active areas...
Creator Modules Producing presentations in IndeView format from
different programs
(as of yet OpenOffice Impress and KOffice KPresenter)

IndeView is used to show OpenOffice or KOffice presentations without Impress or KPresenter being installed on the target computer:

[ IndeView modules ]




users of Gentoo Linux: For you there is no need to download the tarball.
Instead open the file /etc/portage/package.keywords
and add this line: app-office/indeview ~x86
(In case the file/directory does not exist simply create it.)

Get IndeView from http://www.indeview.org/index.html#getit by downloading this file: indeview-0.6.7.tgz
The "archiv"-package contains pre-compiled binaries (for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X) as well as the sources and full documentation on installing and using IndeView.

CD copying

IndeView is "Free Software" according to the GNU-LGPL.
That's why it is perfectly legal to ask a trustworthy friend for burning you a CD with the current IndeView distribution - no matter if this will be done free of charge or not.

Verifying the package

Please take the time to verify the downloaded package by running
   md5sum -b indeview-0.6.7.tgz
   Windows users please find an md5sum checker program by calling
The resulting checksum should be:
In case you get another checksum your package is broken.


If you like IndeView
please consider sending a little picture postcard
of your town / your village to
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Your feedback will be very much appreciated:
we will be glad about receiving a visual representation
of where on earth our IndeView users are living.